Self Harm

Self-Harm Counselling London

Are you causing yourself physical pain or an injury, through self harm, in order to cope with overwhelming and distressing thoughts or feelings? Or perhaps you feel so numb that only pain makes you feel alive? The relief you get could be only temporary and the underlying reasons causing the emotional pain often remain unknown. It’s not uncommon that feelings of guilt, shame or anger will follow an episode of self-harm leading to more damage and to the cycle starting again.

Self-harm is described as any behaviour where people cause harm or injury to their own body and, although self-harm can take place at any age, it’s more likely to happen during adolescence. Cutting, burning or hitting tend to be the most common ways to inflict physical attacks on the body but other prevalent forms are; taking drugs recklessly, having unsafe sex, binge drinking, or starving themselves. Self-harm can be planned in advance, or done impulsively, and it can be done occasionally or frequently. Self-harm tends to be done in isolation and most likely kept secret.

It may not be easy to share what you’re going through, especially with friends and family, and that’s why reaching for professional help is important. With the right therapeutic process, and in a safe environment, I help people become aware of the situations that could be causing unbearable distress. We also explore different ways of coping with painful emotions and difficult situations, allowing you to contemplate the idea of a brighter happier future.