Mental Distress in Men

Mental Distress in Men

Are you suffering from persistent low moods and distress but find it difficult to talk about with your partner, family or close friends? You may worry that, if they know how you feel, you’ll appear vulnerable? Or it could be that you simply don’t know how to express how you feel? Perhaps you’ve noticed how your depressive mood has led you to drinking too much, being angry, or withdrawn physically or emotionally.

Men are as likely to suffer from depression as women, but they often find it more difficult to acknowledge. Recognising your own situation, and accepting you need help is the first step to becoming healthy.

Some of the symptoms depressed men suffer from are; insomnia, changes in appetite, low energy and fatigue, difficulty concentrating and loss of interest in things that used to provide pleasure, including sex. Depression may also trigger suicidal thoughts.

There are many things that can trigger depression. Some of these include illness, financial problems, loss of a loved one, a difficult relationship, major life changes or work problems. But every person is different, and each will have their own very personal reasons that need to be considered in order to help them.
I believe that men need to be given time to explore difficult experiences, thoughts and feelings. That’s what motivates me to provide them with a much-needed space where they can have the opportunity to explore their vulnerability and become stronger, happier and healthier.

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