Grief Counselling London

Loss and mourning is the part of life that brings things to an end. For some of us it could be the death of someone we love, losing a job, or the breakup of a relationship. Loss may also take the form of an unmet goal or dreams that did not come true. Ageing, and experiencing the decline of physical or mental health, is also often felt as a loss.

Grief is the feeling that results from loss and if unaddressed it can evolve and turn into anxiety or depression. If you’re experiencing difficult and unexpected emotions such as anger, disbelief or sadness you could be in the process of grieving, but are you healing from that grief?

Mourning is the process of dealing with loss and adapting to the changes created by the void that is left. Mourning can be very painful and sometimes it’s easier to deny a loss than to try to engage with it. That’s why many people struggle to cope with unresolved losses from the past or the present. In my practice the process of mourning includes talking about what has been lost and the impact this has on the mourner. We also explore the many emotions that are triggered and how personal history shapes the experience of loss.

By providing a space where grief and mourning can take their natural course, I help people navigate their emotions, come to terms with their loss, and create a feeling of possibility in the future.