Depression Counselling London

Do you sometimes feel as if you’ve lost a sense of purpose in your life? Do you struggle to find the will to get on with your day? If the answer is yes, you could be suffering from depression, and for the same reason finding it difficult to do something about it.

Depression can be a combination of genetic, environmental, or psychological factors and there are various different levels. Some of the most common symptoms of depression are low mood, low sex drive, anxiety, loss of interest or pleasure, hopelessness, low self-worth, disturbed sleep and appetite, low energy, isolation and poor concentration. You may also be thinking about suicide, death or self-harm.

Having family or friends to talk to when we’re feeling low is important and helpful, but sometimes these people won’t be able to offer all you need to get healthy and happy again. In these times it’s necessary to go one step further and seek professional support.

I help people bring to light the circumstances that started the depressive feelings, which most likely have not yet been understood and instead have become unwanted patterns that are repeated unconsciously. Working through past events and feelings, plus making important links with the present, makes it possible to break out of these patterns. With a new perspective and alternative ways of responding to situations, depressive feelings can then be transformed.